6 F1 Grands Prix With Unique Atmospheres!

Next season, fans will experience a 21 race calendar with the German Grand Prix & the French Grand Prix making a return to the F1 calendar. With the arrival of Liberty Media, who purchase the sport at the end of last year from previous owners CVC, their aim was to make Formula One spectacular and make races feel like “Super Bowls”. Liberty Media have also made improvements with the fan’s experience, introducing a “carnival” feel in the F1 village with more stores and activities for fans to enjoy.

Only a few races on the calendar have a unique setting and atmosphere for fans to enjoy. So which races are best for the fans? Here are a few races that have that unique atmosphere:

Abu Dhabi

Photo: Aaron Gillard
The final round of the 2017 & 2018 Formula One World Championship will take place at the Yas Marina Circuit on Yas Island, 40KM’s away from Abu Dhabi. What makes the Grand Prix so unique compare to others is the atmosphere and setting of the race. Taking place within the afternoon until late evening, the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix starts in the heat and daylight before ending in the night as the season comes to a close. The Grand Prix has since become a Crown Jewel of Formula One for it’s rich atmosphere, unique setting and beautiful backdrop. For fans attending, you’ll be treated with a party atmosphere like no other Grand Prix. Each stand has their own party atmosphere with local DJ’s playing, activities for fans to enjoy including Simulators, pit stop challenges and party games for younger audiences.

“Abu Dhabi is sublime Grand Prix with a fantastic setting and beautiful atmosphere! There are parties everywhere you go at the track!”

-Aaron Gillard, Content Creator of MrDangerDaysF1 

Everywhere you go at the Yas Marina circuit is a party atmosphere, celebrating the end of the racing season. Yas Marina provides fantastic views with high grandstands and General Admission areas for fans to watch the action taking place. Fans from all over the world come to Abu Dhabi to witness the finale of the championship and are often treated to a spectacular race as they crown their new world champion.


Photo: Aaron Gillard
Home of the British Grand Prix, Silverstone is engraved in F1 history as it hosted the first ever Formula One race back in 1950. A lot has changed since then but the atmosphere is still as thrilling as ever. Located in Northampton, 8 of the 10 Formula One Teams are located within a few miles from Silverstone known as “Motorsport Valley”. Every year the British Grand Prix at Silverstone always provides a great race and atmosphere with the enthusiastic British crowd. In recent years, British fans have witnessed their own Lewis Hamilton win on home soil for 3 years in a row.  Every year Silverstone provide entertainment for the fans to bring more value for money as well as decent track side. Entertainment such as drivers on stage, live performances, forums, Q&A’s with famous F1 faces and activities. Fans cheer on their favourite drivers when they go pass but when Lewis Hamilton goes pass, the whole crowd stand up and cheer for him every lap!

“Everyone there is so happy and positive and are always having fun and there are just so many fans of all ages and it’s amazing to think that they can be all brought together by one sport” 

-Georgina Yeomans, Content Creator of Life with F1

Whilst some complain that the ticket prices are too high, Silverstone does provide more value for money with the Grand Prix weekend. Every year fans gather at the main stage to see their favourite drivers appear on stage and spend time with the fans after qualifying and the race. Every so often you’ll see Drivers have a go at some fun and games like Sebastian Vettel playing the drums, Pascal Wehrlein kissing a fan and Lewis Hamilton having selfies with fans.


Monaco GP
Photo: United Autosports
The Principality of Monaco host one of the most famous and ritual events on the sporting calendar. The Monaco Grand Prix is one of the oldest Grands Prix on the calendar and the layout hasn’t changed since it’s first ever race back in 1929. The whole country stops for the weekend of the Monaco GP as Monte-Carlo is filled with celebrities, racing cars and parties! Fans get really close to the cars in the tight streets of Monte-Carlo as F1 cars zoom pass them at high speed! Monaco is unique as the race weekend starts on a Thursday and have a day off on Friday. This allows fans to get access to the pits and get close to the cars and to their favourite drivers.

“There is literally such a buzz about the place and even if you aren’t at the track the sound of the car echos around the hills that surround the harbour which is something very special”

– Rebecca Louise, Mclaren Fan

“Monaco is also way more accessible for fans, the fact you get to walk so close to the pits on a Friday without having to have a pass is awesome”. 

-Josie Smith, Red Bull Fan

Monaco may seem boring on TV but being part of the atmosphere is unlike any other race in the world. You hear the cars going around the city, even when in the hills you can hear the echos of the cars going around the track! You gain goosebumps when you hear them. There are plenty of places to stay and explore during your stay at the French Riveria. Nice, Mendon and Northern Italy are only a trip away from Monaco if you fancy an adventure outside Monaco.


Photo: Nathanael Majoros
As the quote goes, there ain’t quite a place like Spa! The Belgium Grand Prix is always a fan favourite to attend to as fans across Europe come to Spa for Formula One. It is a special place in Formula One history as the track always provides great racing and a fantastic atmosphere! Fans cheer from all around the 4.3 mile circuit as the cars go pass. In recent years with the arrival of Max Verstappen, the attendance of Dutch fans has grown to a mass cheering on their hero! There are plenty of places to watch the races, ranging from Eau Rouge, Bus Stop and Pouhol. The Kemmel straight provides a fantastic place to watch for those who attend as General Admission as the long straight provides plenty of space to watch the race.

“There were people from all over the world supporting so many different drivers, so the cheers as the cars went past were crazy!”

-Meghann Whattam, Kimi Raikkonen Fan

“The atmosphere is really great in the GP first and foremost because of the Belgian people who are so cheerful and passionate. A lot of French, English, German and now Dutch people come to the GP as well which makes it pretty multi cultural”.

-Nina Rochette, French Motorsport Journalist

“When the race finishes parts of the track open up and everyone sprints to the podium, it’s really fun to see a huge crowd with flags and beers run down Eau rouge”.

-Nikita Atkinson, Daniel Ricciardo Fan

Probably the most excellent and exciting feature of the Belgium Grand Prix is the race after where you can go onto the circuit, minutes after the race! You can make the run down the steep Eau Rouge or if you’re close, watch the podium take place at the main straight before La Source. Many camp by the Ardenne Forest next to Spa, waking up by the sound of monstrous racing cars!


Singapore GP
Photo: William Cho
Singapore is known for it’s historical impact with Formula One as the first ever night race to ever happen back in 2008. Every year, the Singapore Grand Prix attracts celebrities around the world as one of the modern Crown Jewels of Formula One. Singapore provides a setting where no track of the calendar can top. A setting by the city of Singapore as well as by the Marina bay. The track provides plenty of unique viewing points to watch the Grand Prix such as the Grandstand between Turn 17 & 18 where the cars go under the stand! There is also a Ferris Wheel known as the Singapore Flyer where you go high and watch the action unfold! As part of the Grand Prix experience, the concert provides a massive line up, with this year seeing the inclusion of Ariana Grande, Calvin Harris, The Chainsmokers and OneRepublic.

“There’s always something to do, see, watch, try, and experience around the track. The circuit is right smack in the middle of the city, so it is easily accessible.”

-Marj Bonifacio, Ferrari Fan

“There’s a bit of a festival feel to the whole event and people tend to stay for the famous local hawker food long after the race is over.”

-Amylia Hilda, Malaysian Journalist

“Walking around all the 4 areas is really quite awesome. The noise and feeling is absolutely amazing.”

-Dan Wells, Racing Driver for China Touring Cars Championship

The fans come from across the globe to witness a special event such as the official night race of Formula One. Malaysians often take the trip down to Singapore to the Grand Prix, being both the Malaysian & Singapore Grand Prix are not far from each other. Being part of the Singapore Grand Prix always provides an adrenaline and exciting rush witnessing Formula one cars.


Italian GP
Photo: David Baxendale
The Italian Grand Prix at Monza is filled with Speed and History. It is also home to one team and their passionate fan base. Ferrari and the Tifosi! Every year is sell out crowd filled with red as the fans cheer on the famous Prancing Horse. Monza is known for it’s fast track layout which creates the thrill of being a spectator during the race, you feel the speed as the F1 cars go flying pass every lap. The atmosphere is always pumping and filled with excitement, with majority hoping for a famous Ferrari win! After the race is over everyone runs over to the main straight for the unique feature of the track, the podium ceremony. The rostrum hangs above the main straight as the drivers celebrate right above the fans with the trophies and champagne. The stands are so close to the track that you’ll feel the cars going past at high speed! 

 “The atmosphere is hugely positive with no hostility that I heard toward supporters of other teams and drivers. The closeness of the grandstands definitely adds to the atmosphere as well.” 

-Darren Taylor, Lewis Hamilton fan & Motorsport Photographer

The atmosphere is often similar to Silverstone with the exception of the massive following of Ferrari. Every year the fans dream of the red car winning the race, which happened last back in 2010 when Fernando Alonso won the race with team mate Felipe Massa in 3rd. Monza is located a few miles away from Milan, a beautiful city to explore on your days off away from the track & to enjoy nightlife when away from the track!


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Instagram: @aaron_gillard_17
YouTube: MrDangerDaysF1




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